What are the different shapes of diamond segments

Why are there so many different shapes of segments?   When grinding concrete the perimeter or edge of the segment cuts the concrete rather than the middle part of the segment grinding the concrete. For this reason, if you have a shape like a circle. It would have the smallest perimeter for the area. And […]

What is the difference between soft medium and hard bonds?

LeBurg Diamond Tools Australia

Why are there different concrete grinding segments of different bonds? When grinding concrete floors you may realize that when you purchase concrete grinding shoes that the segments are either soft, medium, or hard bond. What does this mean? Concrete floors can be of different densities. This is due to the temperature, humidity, and ratio of […]

How are diamond tools made?

tracy hall the inventor of the synthetic diamond

History The history of Diamond tools goes back further than you think. “One of the earliest diamond-cutting industries is believed to have been in Venice, a trade capital, starting sometime after 1330. Diamond cutting may have arrived in Paris by the late 14th century; for Bruges — on the diamond trade route — there is the […]

Concrete Grinding Shoes: Australian Industry Outlook 2020

Concrete grinding shoes in Australia

A little history of Husqvarna concrete grinders 15 years ago when Husqvarna purchased King Concepts a company that made concrete floor grinders. Concrete grinding and polishing contractors needed to buy concrete grinding shoes from King Concepts directly. However, the prices were inflated. With the help of Alibaba a Chinese B2B platform, Australian entrepreneurs have seen […]