Concrete Grinding Shoes: Australian Industry Outlook 2020

Concrete grinding shoes in Australia

A little history of Husqvarna concrete grinders

15 years ago when Husqvarna purchased King Concepts a company that made concrete floor grinders. Concrete grinding and polishing contractors needed to buy concrete grinding shoes from King Concepts directly. However, the prices were inflated.

With the help of Alibaba a Chinese B2B platform, Australian entrepreneurs have seen a potential profit in purchasing concrete grinding shoes from China and selling them in Australia.

Australian Diamond Tools Retailers

As of 2020, we have counted 43 websites in Australia that sell concrete grinding shoes.

Additional to entrepreneurs, concrete grinding contractors themselves have started purchasing concrete grinding shoes from Alibaba and have small orders shipped to Australia.

As of 2020, the prices have plateaued at about $30 for a concrete grinding shoe and some websites decreasing prices to $20 to $25.

The shapes of the concrete grinding shoes that are imported have not varied much as concrete grinding contractors want to use what is similar to their current Australian supplier.

Husqvarna has an H shaped segment on its concrete grinding shoe. This design has not been registered however other Chinese manufacturers of concrete grinding segments do not copy their shape.

LeBurg started selling concrete grinding shoes in 2018 and has slowly built up regular customers. We find that customers are concerned about the quality of the synthetic diamond quality rather than the shape of the segment. The only way for a concrete grinding contractor to know for certain is to try the concrete grinding shoe to test the quality.

The top 47 diamond tool websites in Australia

Business NameWebsite Address
Concrete Finishes Warehouse
MK Diamond
Southern Diamond tools
United diamond tools
All Prep
Smart Diamond Tools
DiaMach Diamond Tools Australia
High Tech Grinding
LeBurg Diamond Tools 
Tornado Australia
Crozier Diamond Tools
Husqvarna ConstructionProducts
Paragon Tools
Concrete Warehouse
Canberra Diamond Blade 
Australian Flooring Supplies
Aus Kut
All Con
Chelsea Diamond
Con Treat
Contec Australia
Diamond Tool Store (USA)
Epoxy Supplies
FIS Distributors 
Flex Tool 
Grinding Tools Australia
Ace Cutting (USA)
Kolun Hire
Polished Concrete
Totally Worx
Tyrolitt Construction
Carbon Diamond Abrasives
Oz Roller Covers
DTA Australia
CLT Tool Centre
Husqvarna Construction Products 
BR Construction supplies
Grano Direct
Cyclone Floor Tools
Stone Tools
Construction Supplies
Gibbon Trade

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